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we think that is a good idea! Does every job deserve the same amount of money 06/11/20
because depending on the job people should have the same amount of money Does every job deserve the same amount of money 06/11/20
I think this is very good gender shouldn't matter Stereotypes with jobs 06/11/20
not really Does every job deserve the same amount of money 06/11/20
I think jobs are important because without money you can't live. Why jobs are important? 06/11/20
We think that steryotypes shouldn't matter because men and woman aren't and worse or better then... Stereotypes with jobs 06/11/20
I would like be a vet and an artist in my spare time Why do people get fired from their job? 06/11/20
I think this is really good👍 What is the best way to work at home or outside?? 06/11/20
I would love to have a hoverboard and to be able to teleport! What will work look like in the future? 08/11/20
i got 10/10 The Fun Work Quiz! 10/11/20
I agree it is sad How has COVID-19 affected the world of work? 13/11/20
I would work from home because then I have my family, friends and better connection to the... Is it better to work from home or abroad? 13/11/20
I would like to be vet and in my spare time either an artist or illustrator. I would like to be... The Future Work Out 13/11/20
I want to be a vet too Livvy!🐈🐕 What's your dream job? 18/11/20
I would like to be a vet so I can help animals and maybe the animals will help the environment... #11 - You're hired! 19/11/20
I agree with you Renee What do you think is the most important job during COVID and and why? 27/11/20
I've heard that some people still have milkmen! Are milkmen really gone extinct? 08/12/20
very interesting enthusiastic_dolphin. I agree with you with killing being to strict but doing... What are protests like in other countries? 15/1/21