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I want to be an activist! Why do people get fired from their job? 06/11/20
technoligist Why do people get fired from their job? 06/11/20
footballplayer Why do people get fired from their job? 06/11/20
I have no idea/youtuber!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do people get fired from their job? 06/11/20
our robot would be Barack 3000 His job would be to be the best president ever-the complete... #10 - Design a robot! 06/11/20
I would like to ask Natasha Mae Sayliss why she called her cafe how she did Ask an expert! 07/11/20
I got 9/11 and the 2 facts I found most surprising were that Reggie enjoyed flying on the... The Fun Work Quiz! 07/11/20
I would love to be an activist because I am extremely concerned about the environment and I... #11 - You're hired! 14/11/20
I have become sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better at being more climate friendly and art! A special message from Tom and Olivia! 14/11/20
I agree! being a girl I have experienced times when people have pointed out that I am different... Why don't women have the same pay wage as men? 14/11/20
I loved the quiz at the start ,and an answers to some of the thinking questions would be that I... Session two: changing workforce 14/11/20
I was talking for other people and I would like to be an activist because I care about the enviroment Why do people get fired from their job? 14/11/20
When does this comp close? #11 - You're hired! 14/11/20
Good luck with that skillfull_argument! #11 - You're hired! 18/11/20
I think a chef and artist would suit you best!!!! #11 - You're hired! 18/11/20
1 Near my street there is a cafe called the 'Whteleafe cafe' the problems. the problems this... #12 - A street near you! 21/11/20
I learnt that when robots take over human jobs it is called automation. I also learnt that John... #15 - Spread the news! 16/12/20
I think remote working is a good opportunity. PRO'S Very built up and polluted areas like... Session four: evaluation 16/12/20
I would ask Kajal how do you start petitions on the internet-I feel like it would be useful to... Have a questions about protest? Ask an expert! 09/2/21
I got 18 out of 23. I feel this quiz has helped me understand protest so much more! Thanks Katie! The Protest Knowledge Quiz! 09/2/21
I have learnt that protest is a very serious matter-you can get arrested for it- but that does... #23 Ten or less! 24/2/21
I agree, it is important that everyone gets their say, no matter what their gender, age, skin... #23 Ten or less! 24/2/21