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Topical Talk Festival is LIVE

January 22nd – March 28th 2024

The Festival brings Topical Talk lessons to life by giving students the chance to discuss what they’re learning about in the classroom on a global scale. Young people are invited to learn from, and exchange ideas with, a host of international peers and topic experts. Each Festival is packed with inspiring activities, online events and awards for thoughtful conversations and ideas.

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Montage of experts who contributed to the Black History Month resource

Spotlight: racial inequality

This resource, perfect for form times and assemblies, is made up of five
20-minute discussions about racial inequality. Each discussion is sparked by a talk from a top expert. Download now to get students discussing key themes, including: representation, unique experience and what it means to be
"anti-racist" versus "not racist".

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Special Edition - Politicans - standards of behaviour - Hero block image

Politicians: standards of behaviour

From crime and carelessness, to corruption and cluelessness – our latest Special Edition gets students talking about politicians' behaviour. Over six hours, students explore the issue in depth before creating a final piece of work about how best to maintain politicians' standards.

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“Quite simply, the programme has been a revelation. Every week, new and interesting resources are produced, all of which go hand-in-hand with relevant and appropriate termly topics. These are accessible to all learners: they are bespoke, carefully thought-out and allow students to improve across a number of key skills.”

Michael Baker, Farringdon Community Academy, UK
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