Standpoints by students of Àlímòsó Senior Grammar School B | Nigeria

Comments by students of Àlímòsó Senior Grammar School B | Nigeria

Student Comment Post Date
selfreliant_fish I would like to answer number 1: what can we do to avoid the abuse of metaverse? ... ...Matthew Ball! 18/5/23
selfreliant_fish I agree because... nepotism is an act of partiality and it has been exercised everywhere and due... What is nepotisim really about 18/5/23
selfreliant_fish Metaverse could be a friend and also a foe, let me state my reasons: Metaverse could be our... METAVERSE: FRIEND OR FOE ? 17/5/23
selfreliant_fish As a manager you shouldn't be concerned on how close the person is to you but you should... Bad nepotism 17/5/23
selfreliant_fish I agree because... metaverse helps and enlighten people and also has its negative effects on... METAVERSE: FRIEND OR FOE ? 17/5/23
ambitious_mandarin In my perspective I believe the government can stop strike means as the government as a higher... Strikes 16/5/23
ambitious_mandarin How can you make a difference if you disagree about something? By ensuring you judgement is ... Expert challenge: Earth Day 14/5/23
ambitious_mandarin The citizens of Japan will gain more support form people than that of the UK because they acted... Which situation is best? 14/5/23
affable_nature The festival topic that is most relevant to my country is that of the strike. It is very... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 13/5/23
ambitious_mandarin What are some ways you can create awareness about climate change in your community ? By... EARTH DAY: CREATING AWARENESS 13/5/23
ambitious_mandarin Do you think it is a good thing or bad thing that AI can produce art ? I think it is a bad... Thinking questions 10/5/23
selfreliant_fish Is AI arts better than human creation? No, i think human creation are better than AI arts... Inspiration... or stealing? 05/5/23
selfreliant_fish Before i thought this hub was stressful but now i got to learn alot of things i never new... Competition #4 Then and now 05/5/23
selfreliant_fish I think people are starting to spend too much time on their devices and their devices are taking... Teenagers and social media 05/5/23
selfreliant_fish I agree because... social media has taken peoples time and due to all this they loose their... Teenagers and social media 05/5/23
selfreliant_fish I got 10. i enjoyed all the time i spent on it, it also improved my intelligence on the royals... Test your knowledge 01/5/23
selfreliant_fish I agree because... democratic government don't make people face oppression from a democratically... Suggest a discussion! 30/4/23
ambitious_mandarin Statistically speaking the population of the world is over seven billion and we all want a... Is one day enough? 29/4/23
selfreliant_fish I agree because... Actually most of them do they do their duties of kings and queens like... Suggest a discussion! 29/4/23
selfreliant_fish Does your country have a royal family? If yes, what is their role? We in Nigeria have many... Suggest a discussion! 29/4/23