Politics Prize 2023

Topical Talk Prizes are a chance for students who take part in Topical Talk lessons to get recognition for sharing informed opinions about the news. This competition got students talking about the standard of politicians' behaviour.

Announcing the Politics Prize 2023 winner

The Economist Educational Foundation is pleased to announce students from Day Waterman College, Nigeria as the winners of the Politics Prize 2023.

Our judges selected the students' work unanimously from the other submissions.

The students from Day Waterman College will receive a certificate and a goodie bag.

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The judges

  • Prize judge Miranda Mirta

    Miranda Mitra

    International editor of The Economist

  • Prize judge Robert Guest

    Robert Guest

    Deputy editor of The Economist


The video had an extremely clear opening and excellent narration so it was easy to grasp the video's structure.

The other element I enjoyed was the use of humour as a means of engagement. Making someone laugh in journalism can also be a way of memorably illustrating an important point, or emphasising the ludicrous nature of a certain policy or action. I thought the scene demonstrating the dangers of populist giveaways was great in this regard.

And the conclusion, with its comparison between good and bad politicians, also left the viewer with ideas to take away and consider. Bravo!

Judge Miranda Mitra comments on the winning entry