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dedicated_nectarine While the pattern of strikes in the UK is nothing we haven't seen before, what is really... Which situation is best? 21/5/23
dedicated_nectarine When tools such as autotune and digital audio manipulation first appeared, there were those who... Photos and voices 21/5/23
logical_tamarind India, the country with the most diverse culture and best natural beauty is slowly degrading to... Climate change in your country 10/5/23
logical_tamarind If I had power and I am residing in a good position in a particular section of work, I would... Nepotism poll results! 09/5/23
inquisitive_musician "Protest is not a gift of state- it is our fundamental right." In a democracy it is absolutely... Can everyone strike? 09/5/23
logical_tamarind I scored an 8. Metaverse is almost like a mirror of our reality when it would be fully... Test your knowledge 04/5/23
logical_tamarind Strikes should be allowed as they give employees the power to negotiate for better wages,... Strikes poll results! 03/5/23
logical_tamarind The development of mankind has come at a big cost. The cost of our environment and Earth itself.... Earth Day poll results! 02/5/23
logical_tamarind AI, also humanities recent developing friend has proven useful on innumerous ways. From getting... AI poll results! 02/5/23
logical_tamarind This question commonly arises in the minds of common people when they think about the term... Are royals relevant? 02/5/23
logical_tamarind The first thing that comes to everyone's mind while hearing the word royalty will most likely be... Royalty poll results! 28/4/23
dedicated_nectarine There appears to be a thin line between teenagers using social media and teenagers glued to... Teenagers and social media 28/4/23
dedicated_nectarine However, if a king is given power, that power will be hereditary and lead to even more imbalance... Competition #3 Making connections 28/4/23
dedicated_nectarine Strikes, I believe, are a potent tool in the right hands but are a necessary evil. It cannot be... Suggest a discussion! 27/4/23