Standpoints by students of Livingstone Academy E | United Kingdom

Comments by students of Livingstone Academy E | United Kingdom

Student Comment Post Date
precious_sheep I think that the company that made the VR headset should have full control of everything that... who is in control?! 16/5/23
precious_sheep I think there should not be much AI over all the different areas since that could leave... "AI" is taking over the world. 10/5/23
coherent_writer In my opinion the royal family are also humans so they should be treated the same as everybody... Reflect on the lesson! 10/5/23
precious_sheep I think option B is the way to go because everyone deserves some privacy and if they don't have... Royal responses 10/5/23
inspired_elephant Kids need to know about the news because they are all aware of what is happening in the... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 10/5/23
bustling_rock in britain we have a monarch when the current king or queen dies their child becomes the next... The role of royals 10/5/23
steadfast_bird I dont think its important for kids to know about the news because it can make them scared or... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 10/5/23
coherent_raspberry I think that everyone should allowed to strike as long as it's for a legitimate reason. For... Strikes poll results! 10/5/23
articulate_brain They're not as relevant as they were before. They also don't have any political power so they're... Are royals relevant? 04/5/23
inventive_mandarin I think they are important because they don't do much Are royals relevant? 04/5/23
coherent_writer There are the advantages and disadvantages in the monarchy and people have different opinions... Reflect on the lesson! 04/5/23
precious_sheep I think there should be an Earth week since it is a marvelous creation and it is one of the... Is one day enough? 04/5/23
coherent_writer Hi I got 10 on the test. Test your knowledge 04/5/23
precious_sheep Yes because we went on a group chat with loads of schools around the world and we talked about... Is one day enough? 04/5/23
affable_philosophy i think that nevs striking will impact people who need emergency services Pick ONE person 28/4/23
bustling_rock i think nev strike would be more might impact on the community Pick ONE person 28/4/23
remarkable_recipe If they strike many people will not be able to attend school and work. This could make students... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
articulate_brain Nellie - It can make the people who may be expecting a parcel mad because the delivery time will... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
steadfast_bird I disagree with option A because the royal family is like every other family, just a little... Royal responses 28/4/23
sensitive_tambourine my school celebrated earth day by watching a video about it. in my opinion there should be a... Is one day enough? 28/4/23