Standpoints by students of Livingstone Academy J | United Kingdom

Comments by students of Livingstone Academy J | United Kingdom

Student Comment Post Date
harmonious_moose I think its both a good and bad thing that AI can produce art because people could use it for... Thinking questions 10/5/23
harmonious_moose I don't think they should 100% copy other art pieces but if they do take inspiration from them,... Inspiration... or stealing? 10/5/23
harmonious_moose I agree with opinion B. Just because they're more privileged doesn't mean that they should not... Royal responses 04/5/23
harmonious_moose I think they should be able to make decisions for the country, but everyone else should also... The role of royals 04/5/23
harmonious_moose im personally not really interested in news about the royalty because i feel like they don't do... Are royals relevant? 04/5/23
quick_petal For workers in emergency services strikes would impact a lot of people because everyday all the... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
miraculous_grasshopper I don't think that everyone should strike because if people need doctors there is no one that... Can everyone strike? 28/4/23
fairminded_personality Even though the strikes have a negative effect on the public, workers should have the right to... Can everyone strike? 28/4/23
fiery_signature I agree that everyone is able to strike for various of reasons. One of the reasons could be they... Can everyone strike? 28/4/23
unconventional_orangutan The emergency services have an bigger impact because since they all work at a hospital and there... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
admirable_durian Emergency services serve a vital role in the community, and their strike has had a significant... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
splendid_rock Striking impacts us mostly because workers that have important jobs, such as: doctors, teachers... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
tough_harp I think that Nev would put the most impact on people because if someone was in danger she... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
trusting_durian Emergency Services play many roles in the UK as there can be people who can get hurt really bad... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
joyful_aspect My teachers went on strike yesterday and when they have in the past it does scare me thinking... Can everyone strike? 28/4/23
joyful_aspect Nev the emergency service worker is impacting all of us this is because without emergency... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
harmonious_moose I think the Strike might affect Nev because if the emergency services aren't around to help,... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
patient_introduction i think nev because if there are people that are in trouble or they will die or something bad... Pick ONE person 28/4/23
warm_cockatoo depends on what your working space is like, for example if there were harsh conditions and not... Can everyone strike? 28/4/23
persistent_dinosaur if doctors go on striking, many people would not get the correct health care which would be very... Can everyone strike? 28/4/23