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Comments by students of Lyons Hall Primary School F | United Kingdom

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conscientious_tradition I think this is because the stadiums are packed for men’s football but if you look at women’s... World cup: are footballers paid too much? 13/12/22
conscientious_tradition i think its very unfair and men get paid so much money because if you compare it to women's... World cup: are footballers paid too much? 12/12/22
conscientious_tradition I agree because... as she was saying about the human rights it wasn't fair because Qatar is... Hosting the World Cup in Qatar, a Right or Wrong Choice? 12/12/22
conscientious_tradition I think leaders should make mistakes! They can easily learn from them and make sure they won’t... Should a leader make mistakes? 12/12/22
conscientious_tradition I agree! Being leader of your country is a big achievement! And giving justice all over the... Would you be a leader? 12/12/22
conscientious_tradition Hello! We all need to speak up! The World Cup should never be Hosted in Qatar, because of humans... What should footballers and fans do to stop Qatar? 12/12/22
conscientious_tradition Hello! I think it should not be held in Qatar because the laws there are appalling and... Should the World Cup have been held in Qatar? 12/12/22
delightful_assumption I think that they are going to tumble and crumble the old hotels to pieces clean it up and after... Controversy in Qatar! 08/12/22
mirthful_hippopotamus I don’t think it’s not fare for lgbtq community can’t go to the stadium The Blurred Cup? The Qatar World Cup And Why This One Just Isn't The Same. 08/12/22
busy_power The food crisis sounds really bad and I think we should give more food to people in the world... Food crisis? 08/12/22
dedicated_introduction I think they can do it on a call instead of travelling so it won’t cost money. Are COP events sustainable? 08/12/22
placid_temperature I think we should give more food to the people that need it the most . I found it interesting... Food crisis? 08/12/22
beloved_conversation I don’t I think they are sustainable and they can make is sustainable by not making them travel... Are COP events sustainable? 08/12/22
outstanding_dolphin I don’t think that the World Cup should be in Qatar because number one the heat number two the... THE WORLD CUP!!! 08/12/22
splendid_song Non of them should be primeinster GENERAL ELECTIONS IN UK 08/12/22
reserved_concept In this clip I found that they should share the food they have and help everyone get more food... food crisis. 08/12/22
placid_temperature I think that it is everyone’s fault i think that you should throw out all the clothes you don’t... Who is responsible? 08/12/22
committed_dinosaur In my class we were talking about the World Cup being held in Qatar which i enjoyed was hearing... Competition #6 Favourite topic 08/12/22
dedicated_introduction I think this is serious thing because it is causing pollution it is the mangers fault. Who is responsible? 05/12/22
placid_temperature Some people would love other people to rely on them however some people might get really... Would you…? 05/12/22