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Comments by students of Ormiston Bushfield Academy | United Kingdom

Student Comment Post Date
loved_octopus I do believe young people are political as the governments have now been increasingly concerned... Are young people political? 14/12/22
lovable_politics I don't necessarily think either of them are completely correct but I think person B comes... Pick a side! 14/12/22
smart_crab Young people have the ability to see the bigger picture, untethered from any ties such as jobs... Are young people political? 14/12/22
wise_banjo i agree with the long lasting items as the people who re in need of it will have to be rationed... Global food crisis 14/12/22
amazing_tradition I disagree because getting paid fairly in any form of Politics and Business will always be... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 14/12/22
skillful_cherry In my opinion, I think people outside the Iranian country should have a right to help them... Iran: Should people speak out? 14/12/22
smart_crab Doctors are a cornerstone in any society and have been for centuries. Doctors have a stressful... Can doctors maintain a steady hand whilst the cost of living goes up? 14/12/22
lovable_politics Your argument does have a point. However, my comments were made before the announcement of the... Is it time for a general election in the UK? 14/12/22
witty_wolf why is there doctor shortages? I believe there are doctor shortages because of exhaustion and... What causes doctor shortages? 14/12/22
dedicated_trombone I honestly think the most we can do is educate EVERYONE on the conditions, not just geography... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 13/12/22
dedicated_trombone Working conditions in LICs and NEEs is the major problem. One of the biggest TNCs... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 12/12/22
loved_octopus our children's earl experience, especially the hours spent consuming media, influence what they... Representation matters 09/12/22
lovable_politics I believe there are multiple factors that are contributing to the shortages of doctors, many... What causes doctor shortages? 09/12/22
opinionated_bee Whilst I think that we should continue to explore space, we should also look at why space... SPACE: THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY. 09/12/22
amazing_tradition I disagree because in recent weeks Rishi Sunak has started a coal mine in Cumbria and also made... Is it time for a general election in the UK? 09/12/22
amazing_tradition Because countries have to feed into the website and some countries haven't and Its the only... Controversy in Qatar! 09/12/22
wise_banjo the future doctor report outlines how education and training might change to be better prepare... A prescription for your future 09/12/22
exuberant_wilddog I agree because diversity is important in films such as black panther as it shows different... Why is it important to see diversity in films? 09/12/22
responsible_seal In the UK since covid it has been hard to get doctor/ orthodontist appointments it is important... Doctor Shortages. 09/12/22
loved_octopus I do think you have misunderstood me as I was saying that people should be paid fairly as the... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 09/12/22