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Comments by students of Rafah Prep A Girls School | Palestine

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openhearted_climate "In fact, I have come to appreciate the insightful perspective on artificial intelligence and... Equality 22/5/23
articulate_queen When moral principles and values ​​are absent, the forbidden becomes permissible. Human... Nepotism a natural tendency 21/5/23
skillful_jackfruit Bad people use the AI in fraud . They can use the voices of certain people to get money, for... Photos and voices 19/5/23
skillful_jackfruit Hi , Having lots of jobless members in the family, sometimes leads people to have their own... Nepotism a natural tendency 19/5/23
skillful_jackfruit I think employees in both the UK and Japan are working hard to lead a good life. When they have... Which situation is best? 19/5/23
skillful_jackfruit To me , I hate monarchies . I won't share in the celebrations of the coronation. Police and ... Not for everyone? 19/5/23
convivial_rambutan with all my respect to your opinion, but we should know the difference between nepostism and... What we should know about NEPOTISM? 18/5/23
openhearted_climate It cannot be definitively stated that this aspect is negative because I believe that the virtual... Metaverse 18/5/23
openhearted_climate In reality, perspectives are extremely important because this aspect has the potential to... Metaverse 18/5/23
knowledgeable_seagull What great questions. 1- What problems would artificial intelligence cause if it could... Photos and voices 18/5/23
sceptical_donkey hell...Nepotism refers to the practice of favoring or granting advantages to family members in... Expert challenge: Nepotism and equality 17/5/23
sceptical_donkey hello....It is extremely important for young people like you to be informed about the news for... STEP TWO: get ready for the competition 17/5/23
knowledgeable_seagull "The expert I learned the most from was Clover Hogan because he taught me about climate, how to... Competition #6 Expert learning 16/5/23
convivial_rambutan From my point of view: With regard to the monarchy, it depends on inheritance from the father... MONARCHY OR DEMOCRACY 12/5/23
convivial_rambutan From my point of view, strikes contribute to finding solutions to some problems, such as: poor... Strikes are not always the solution 12/5/23
skillful_jackfruit Hello , Really I am very happy to be involved in the discussions of all topics . Thanks a lot... STEP ONE: do the lessons, pick a Standpoint topic 12/5/23
skillful_jackfruit Nepotism is a natural tendency. I completely agree with you . When the workplace is owned by... Nepotism a natural tendency 12/5/23
openhearted_climate From my perspective: The skill I will focus on is speaking. This skill is important for... Competition #5 Standpoint skills 12/5/23
openhearted_climate From my perspective: No, favoritism is not a superhero of deception and corruption. In fact,... Nepotism and Favoritism: A Super- Hero to Fraud & Corruption – (Nigerian Experience) 12/5/23
openhearted_climate Regarding the question of whether we can completely eliminate favoritism in the workplace, the... Nepotism Can It Be Avoided? 12/5/23