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Comments by students of Tarun Madhyamik Vidyalaya | Nepal

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content_shark I actually too agree with the statement that only the poors are not farmer, but in the point... Global food crisis 13/12/22
content_shark Food is the most essential part of our life. Without food it is obviously impossible to suvive,... Global food crisis 12/12/22
mesmerising_redcurrant Life is a journey where you have to create you.leader is a person who commands a group,... Should a leader make mistakes? 12/12/22
flowing_twilight ~ FIRST OF ALL, thankyou for your question. I think that just the basic... What should be free? 09/12/22
amusing_dolphin I think Gautam Buddha could change the world. Gautam Buddha was so discplined and well... Who could change the world? 08/12/22
amiable_dove Sorry I had forget to write one question for you .My question is: What do you think about doctors? Doctors are said to be God? 08/12/22
amiable_dove Yes, medicine is the most important profession.Just imagine for a few second if your family... Medicine is the basis of life 08/12/22
amiable_dove I agree with you because doctors used to do a lots of hardwork in their profession but... DOCTOR SHORTAGES THE PROBLEM EATING US SLOW BUT SURE 08/12/22
amiable_dove I agree with your point that "becoming a doctor is difficult than being a doctor". One family... Causes and solution for doctor Shortages. 08/12/22
breathtaking_twilight I agree that the internet is a virus that steals people's mind . Internet has reduced the... Want more stars? Look here! 08/12/22
breathtaking_twilight We discussed many topics in the class but the interesting one is about the world cup and moral... Competition #6 Favourite topic 08/12/22
amiable_dove Hi jovial_flower I think that corruption is the main reason which is making medical sector... A faithful doctor is the medicine of life 07/12/22
amusing_dolphin How much should a worker work? For example, how long should the working day be? How much holiday... Working conditions: what’s acceptable? 05/12/22
content_shark Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may... Expert challenge: protect the animals! 05/12/22
super_history My country name is Nepal which is a producer of tea and coffee. In my opinion, There should be... What's on your plate? And where's it from? 05/12/22
daring_boysenberry I think celebrity also have to start wear thrift clothes and make social media videos on them by... Reduce, reuse, recycle! 05/12/22
amusing_dolphin To be honest, If I got $450,000 I would really be selfish and firstly fulfil my desires. After... Money, money, money! 05/12/22
amiable_dove Thank you glorious lake for understanding the pain of doctors.They suffered a lot in their... My right as a doctor. 05/12/22
daring_boysenberry We have to start the awareness programme to make people known about the importance of foods from... WORLD HUNGER 05/12/22
amiable_dove Which festival topic are you most passionate about? The topic which was most passionate for me... STEP ONE: pick a standpoint topic 05/12/22