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intelligent_tsunami In the World Cup, the thing that i liked about it was that the players were working hard, and... Competition #6 Favourite topic 08/12/22
selfreliant_plum I think that all the topics that we did were good but I liked Space: A positive human future?... Competition #6 Favourite topic 06/12/22
kind_heart In my opinion,I think that the global food crisis links to COP27. I think this because global... Competition #4 Connecting topics 21/11/22
insightful_orange Global warming (COP27) and the global food crisis are connected as: Global warming will... Competition #4 Connecting topics 21/11/22
marvellous_planet I think the topics 'Space: A positive human future' and ' The global food crisis' link because... Competition #4 Connecting topics 21/11/22
selfreliant_plum I agree with "person b" because although doctors diagnose people with diseases or syndromes and... Pick a side! 18/11/22
selfreliant_plum Reasons why I would and why I wouldn't become a doctor: Some reasons why I would not like to... Would you…? 18/11/22
precious_olive I agree because... people are depending on the internet nowadays and i think people should not... Want more stars? Look here! 18/11/22
intelligent_tsunami How do you think we can turn food crisis into non food crisis so the people that don't eat get... Expert challenge: what could you do? 18/11/22
selfreliant_plum It would be like if they break their own rules or if they tell people a new rule that wouldn't... One rule for everyone? 18/11/22
cherished_seahorse I also do believe this is important but it t very expensive and the money used for this can also... Space: a positive human future? 17/11/22
marvellous_planet I agree because it is very expensive to go into space. Space: a positive human future? 17/11/22
insightful_orange I agree because i feel like living on mars is nearly impossible but with the money they use it... Space: a positive human future? 16/11/22
selfreliant_plum I think that just because they are a prime minister doesn't mean they can't make mistakes, they... One rule for everyone? 14/11/22
selfreliant_plum I think sometimes because if you really want something and you don't get it, it might make you... Weekly poll #3 results 13/11/22
selfreliant_plum My questions for any candidates would be: What will make you a better leader than the... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 11/11/22
intelligent_tsunami What would you do if you are next leader. How will you make a good leader. When will you... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 11/11/22
intelligent_tsunami It is important because a human needs to know about space before he go's to it Space: a positive human future? 11/11/22
decisive_seahorse If I was given the opportunity to ask 3 questions to a candidate who would like to be the future... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 08/11/22
storytelling_engine my question for a good leader is ...... 1)what do we gain from being a leader. 2)what is your... Competition #2 Questions for leaders 07/11/22