Break from the bubble: how to open students’ minds to different perspectives

28 October 2021

Sign up to "Breaking the Bubble" - an interactive webinar on how to use different perspectives to enrich classroom discussions.

About this webinar:

Thursday October 28th 1:30-2:30pm (BST)

It's both UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy Week and U.S. Media Literacy Week and we're hosting a live webinar to support teachers!

Students’ opinions on the news is increasingly influenced by their “bubble” - what they experience, who they follow, and where they get their information.

Yet it’s vital that young people engage with voices from other communities and cultures to develop informed opinions about the questions that matter.

So how do we help them escape the echo-chamber and hear views they wouldn’t normally encounter or give time to?

Join us as we draw on years of experience in facilitating news discussions and share the methods we use in our Topical Talk resources. You’ll learn:

  • Quick and easy ways to add external perspectives into your planning
  • Tried-and-trusted activities that generate competing arguments
  • How to counter students’ opinions without influencing them with yours
  • How to help them disagree respectfully and focus on ideas, not individuals

Plus, we’ll share simple strategies to nurture an enquiring classroom culture where students not only hear other views, but choose to seek them out.

This webinar is suitable for:

Any teacher of students aged 9+, with an interest in discussing the news.

What can I do in the meantime?

You don’t need any prior knowledge about our work. However, you can download our free Topical Talk resources here.

Creating a free account gives you a fresh lesson-plan each week. You can follow our current Project: “COP26: the power of perspectives” - a series of five sessions that take an in-depth look at the upcoming climate summit and the decision-making involved.