Live lesson: reporting on unrest

08 December 2021

Part of our children in charge webinar series

The recent Taliban takeover in Afghanistan has put journalists there under strict rules, with many reporters fearing for their safety. Join this webinar, delivered by The Economist Educational Foundation, to explore freedom of the press and how we should report in times of unrest and uncertainty.

We challenge students to think hard about questions like:

  • when you can't report the truth, is it better to report nothing at all?
  • how should journalists report in a conflict?
  • how can we support journalists working in difficult situations?

How does the webinar work?

The hour will be divided into three classroom challenges. For each, we'll introduce a fictional scenario or dilemma and task students to work in groups and generate solutions. All instructions will be provided, ready for you to facilitate the discussion in your classroom. Your students will weigh up different options, justify their opinions and work together to find the answers. Each challenge will require fast-paced critical thinking and problem-solving and test their creativity and empathy.

There’s no planning needed - just a classroom with a computer.

Who is the webinar aimed at?

Students aged 9-15 anywhere in the world

What else should I know?

No prior knowledge is needed. However the event supports the Topical Talk Project “Afghanistan” - a series of five lessons that take an in-depth look at the withdrawal of American troops from the country and the consequences. You can download the Project for free here.