Black Panther

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


By this film, I can say that since the end of the historic and groundbreaking Obama presidency, black people have been searching for a superhero, or a “yes we can” leader like T Challa the hero in the film who transforms into a symbol of hope for Africans , much like President Obama was during his eight years reign. The film depicts Africa as a beautiful place full of technology and innovation across the arts, sciences, and music for black people. And more important, it is a free nation without rulers.

As Obama was their hope, he was also our hope in Palestine. He tried many times to spread peace and find a just solution for our issue. We are looking for that hero and this defines how the black people and everyone in the world wait and sometime create that hero in their imagination.

In my country the issue of black people is not common. At my school there are some black students and they are truely good friends for us and we are their friends. They always paticipate in the running races and they always win. Others lead and participate in the school parliament. The mutual thing between us is we are all human and this is the main point in life for all humanbeings.