Black panther & Diversity

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Black Panther & Diversity

Did you know that most African American is the acting industry are represented in a wrong manner?

So, today the topic we're going to be talking about is the movie “Black Panther”. Including diversity, the reason these certain topics are important is because this will show the different kinds of emotions that African Americans feel. And how most movies presentate black people as such like the Movie “Friday” and “Boyz in the hood” Which is a very disrespectful perspective of what African Americans do on a daily basis.

The people that are mostly affected by this topic are African Americans. So I found out that was the case and asked my friend to represent it from another perspective. And what my friend said about this topic was “ I think it’s not fair for African Americans to be getting disrespected like this”. But by what he said I also was absolutely correct by saying this statement.

One example of African American discrimination is when the actual creator of Black Panther “Ryan Cooger” almost getting arrested trying to get money out of his bank account. One pro of being an African American movie creator is that you will most likely get automatic respect from your peers. And why you would is because it’s already a hard job to do, the con is the other would still represent African Americans in a wrong way.