Black Panther: representation and diversity

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

In my opinion, the topic that I am the most passionate about is Black Panther: representation and diversity, as sometimes it can be really hard for people to understand different religions, which can further lead to problems. However, it is still important to be treated with respect. This is where diversity plays a major role.

Minority characters can be seen in films quite a lot of times, but never in lead roles. However, in the movie Black Panther, a series of black actors were presented very beautifully. The movie not only motivated black people but also gave them a voice and a sense of belief that they are not alone in this world. The fact that this movie was written and directed by members of the black community made it more realistic, as many times cultures are wrongly portrayed, which leads to wrong interpretations. Therefore, the movie "Black Panther" has been a blockbuster.