Black Panther: Representation and Diversity

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

For my subject, I chose was the Black Panther topic. This topic is important to me because representation and diversity is almost everything and everyone around us. Why is representation and diverity important? They're important because they are ways of showing how different we all are.

For example, me and me and my family. We are an example of diversity and representation. There are many perspectives about Black Panther. Some including people that do not like it because of some of the characters' appearences. Other perspectives would be people that like and maybe even love the movie because of how beautiful the movie was set up and made.

In my opinion, I really like the movie. I like their culture, their accents, and their way of representation. For example, the people from Wakanda have a marking on their bottom lip to prove that they are truly from Wakanda.