Black-panther representation and diversity SPOILERS

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


2017 Black-panther has blown viral being one of the first marvel films only containing black people. People described the first movie as refreshing and delightful. Now, the sequel has arrived and before the release, Chadwick Boseman, (the actor of Black Panther) had sadly passed away. Hearing about a sequel, fans wondered who will be the new Black Panther. The new actor for Black Panther, Letita Wright, had talked about this and said. “Since Chad died, I'm so afraid to lose people.” Some people say that only men could take the role of black panther, some disagree.

My opinion is that everybody needs diversity, there aren't enough superheroes with glasses, there aren't enough black superheroes.

Most main marvel characters are white men, there are barely any black women, black men either. Young people rarely get a role in a superhero movie even though young people, (more than old) think about being a superhero. Women can play superheroes they are as athletic as men and young people are athletic too. Letitia has played a wonderful role and can play any role she wants. People can't control other people, if they want to do something. Kids around the world loved the new Panther being a woman, this isn't the first time movies had changed original characters gender name or ethnicity. Ariel was a white woman when the little mermaid came out, but in 2022 there has been a remake featuring Ariel as a black woman.

Peter Parker, a white superhero, had later been changed to a black person named Miles Morales. There are so many other examples. Our class watched all the main roles in marvel and pretty much all of them were men, no women. With the new Black Panther, there will be a different side to marvel since most of the characters are black women.

What do you think we should do to make sure everyone is represented?