Black Panther, what’s so good about it?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Black Panther, a movie that has made history in recent years, is a film that has sparked global discussion all over the world because of the culture represented in it. For once, there are more black people than white people in a superhero film which is unusual for Hollywood. Although, there are lots of black and mixed race actors like Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson etc there are more white people who are getting the opportunities. This is unfair because there is no reason why white people should be given roles over black people. We are all the same so why are people racist and why is diversity a problem?

As a result of the popular movies’ success, diversity is growing at a rapid speed however the problem of racism has not gone away. For example, recently Lady Susan Hussey made Ngozi Fulani feel uncomfortable by asking where she was really from. This is an example of racist abuse and a lack of respect. Coming back to the situation, William, the prince of Wales, said ‘Racism has no place in our society.’

Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, said, ‘Our country’s made incredible progress in tackling racism but the job is never done. And that’s why whenever we see it we must confront it.’ This is true because racism is a big problem on Earth and it really needs to stop.

Not every culture is represented, everyone must be included.

In order to solve the problem of a lack of diversity, Marvel should start looking for black actors who want to take on the role as well as white people, because a mix of different races, religions, cultures etc is much better than just white people. We should all be treated the same because nobody is more superior or inferior than others as there is nothing wrong with black or mixed-race people.

In order to get black people in the role as main actors, film productions should send opportunities specifically to black people first before sending opportunities to other races. If film productions, Marvel, Illumination, Dreamworks etc have this habit then we will see more black people starring in films than now.