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Diversity is not always about race but there so much more to it in terms ethnicity, gender,sexual orientation, age, social class, physical ability or attributes, religious or ethical values system, national origin, and political beliefs because are certain differences and beauties in different people across the world that we need to embrace for a world of inclusiveness and involvement.

Well,unlike many movies there actually some movies that a lot of diverse meaning in their storylines and characters for example Black Panther,Moana,Wonder,Dora and the lost city of gold,coco,spelling the dream and many more are still being produced with the increasing awareness thanks to all those who actually push hard to see that there is diversity in art.

Back to the movies,In the movie "Wonder" Auggie the main character was born with facial differences and he enters a mainstream school for the first time. This movie features themes of compassion and acceptance and teaches us that the differences we all have simply add to the richness of our lives and it's best to embrace it positively not discriminatively.In the block buster "black panther that blew many away,we also witnessed the diverse in showcasing different cultures in the African style and even in other marvel movies like Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings and the Eternals have impacted and influenced people to see and perceive differently about certain practices like the LGBTQ community and racist opinions.So basically movies have played a huge part in promotion diversity, inclusion, involvement and equality but what exactly is the purpose or importance of such diversity in movies.

For this case,I could give Black Panther as my leading example because it's a movie with diversity in that Africans were given leading roles in the crew and this helped to raise some kind of light in the fight to eradicate racial segregation in the film industry.Diversity in a movie helps to show and exercise the beauty in everything in the world.Diversity in movies could also bring about inspires people forexample if people see a woman in a movie with a role of a trusted and confident leader who stands up for the rights of others without fearing anyone,fellow women who watch that get inspired that they can also have impact in society and can even go political and stand up for themselves.

Through movie diversity, many young actors from different areas of the world might be brought and used to represent different lifestyles hence getting the opportunity to change their lives and their loved ones.Besides that,through movie diversity people of different origins can get to learn from each other forexample one can learn how to treat and discipline his children.Some might even learn about their native cultures as some urban dwellers forgot their origin and don't know about their culture so through a movie they get to learn about to their origin.However,it's all related to representation in the films made,poor representation only brings bad impacts to the society and promotes segregation and racism among people. You may find that in a movie with both whites and blacks,the blacks are still discriminated due to their color and therefore all leading or is impacting roles are given to whites,in other cases you find that blacks are made to act as rebels, villains,thieves,kidnappers and rapists and other sorts of bad people in society while the whites are made to act as the heroes and this also influences the people for example you may find that a policeman in America have shot blacks even without evidence of crime but it's just their way since Africans are taken as not "fit" in their society for example George Froyd,a black in America who was killed by policemen over trivial matters but since nobody values African lives in America,he lost his life.

In a nutshell, diversity and good representation in movies are the only way that people will finally see others beyond their skin color and other attributes but instead see the beauty inside them.Its called a world of equality and inclusiveness.