Diversity in the movie industry

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The topic is diversity in the movie industry, some people think that if there isn't a lot of diversity in the movie industry it's to make it more faithful to the original work in the comics of superheroes, if the protagonist in the comics is white then in the cinema industry he will be white too to respect the comics, I agree with that but I think the producers of superhero films must continue to produce films where they are people other than white people or men like in the Black Panther films or the hero and the good people are the blacks because in some works the blacks or even Arabs are often the bad people which is not at all faithful to reality and in black Panther 2 the protagonist is a woman person which changes and brings diversity in the cinema industry and I think that they should continue to do and offer this kind of movie to people