Is our world diverse enough?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The newest Black Panther movie (Wakanda Forever) is groundbreaking because lots of movies aren't very diverse but this new movie is diverse and more people will feel represented as there are lots of different people such as black people, white people, asian people and people with disabilities and so on in the movie. If people don’t feel represented, they might feel isolated or depressed. In many marvel movies, there are mostly white people.We are all equal and should be treated the same.

In the Euro 2022 squad, there were only three mixed-heritage players: Jess Carter, Nikita Parris and Demi Stokes. Sarina Wiegman, who is the England's women's football captain, said “we need to do more to improve divesity in English women's football.” She also said "I do think we need to do more, to give access to anyone who wants to play football." Clearly diversity is also a problem in the sporting world.

Rishi Sunak became the first Asian prime minister of the UK on 25 October 2022. Some praised the progressive choice of having an Asian prime minister whereas others have stated that he only became prime minister because Lizz Truss did such a bad job - remember she (a white woman) was chosen over him.

Diversity seems to be a problem everywhere, I believe that the problem is that we need more diversity and representation in the media. To solve this problem, we need to tell producers to include lots of different races and nationalities. Also we need to let everybody have a chance. If you're making a movie, it might be better if you include everybody in it because you will have more perspectives therefore you will have a wider range of opinions you can choose from for your new movie, it will be better if you do this. If you include a wider range of people, there is a better chance of more people being represented. In some movies like Encanto, children have had to tell the producers to include people with glasses, why can’t adults make these right decisions themselves? So I don’t think our world isn’t diverse enough, do you?