Is there enough diversity in this world?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


It is important for me to talk about diversity and representation as I am interested in human rights. I want people to know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe stood out as a major milestone for representation and diversity in film, following the release of Black Panther. We definetley need diversity so people can feel represented. People think representation is quite important to them. Some movies have diversity in them but most movies don't have any diversity in them. In the movies there are a lot of white people and not a lot of black people, there are just a few black women and there aren't people with any disabilities, I agree that this isn’t fair.

The government should solve this problem because there isn’t enough diversity and not a lot of black people mentioned; there is an increase in women but many black men. There aren't people with any disabilities and lots of white people in movies. They should solve this as it isn’t fair that people without disabilities aren’t there. It doesn't matter how you look, whether you're black or white.

We have problems with diversity in the UK. Lady Susan Hussey, who is Prince William's godmother, apologised and resigned from her job after complaints over her comments to a British charity boss who is black, felt uncomfortable by asking her where she was ‘’really’’ from a number of times. We may think that our country has made incredible progress in tackling racism, said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, ‘But the job is never done. And that’s why whenever we see it, we must confront it.’

The Prince of Wales has said that racism ‘’has no place in our society’’.

Inequality and not enough representation should be solved as there isn’t enough diversity in this world and people who agree with me should help tell the filmmakers to let anyone (including those with disabilities) be characters from the Marvel films.

In my opinion, this needs to be solved as it isn’t fair. There should be more black people and white people so it can be fair. There also should be people with different races, ages, appearances and more. Do you agree with me?