My Standpoint for Black Panther

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

For my standpoint, I’m going to conversate on the discussion about the movie Black Panther.Throughout this certain Topical Talk,we have discussed the African American representation and the diversity of our/my people,and how this specific movie didn’t engage in stereotypical characters,stereotypes of certain people,and so much more necessary things.Therefore,this makes the movie special,and gives us an outstanding representation of my people,which is important to me.Representation matters,and I believe everybody,including,African American or African,,Asian,Indians,Native Americans,etc should all have powerful representations.

Movie or not,African American culture has been stereotyped and disrespected for centuries.People that are not American African often write scripts and movies based on black people,which would lead to stereotypes taking place.I’m talking gangs,violence,trap houses,the hood,guns,weed,jail,or people always put in a criminal-like place,that’s not a good representation,right?It most definitely isn’t.This affects us greatly,our representation,& who we are.I am not saying that no one is like this,it’s just that one person isn’t all.I don’t know who wouldn’t agree,but If you look at most movies featuring black people,they’d usually be a trouble-making person,brownskin,and use a lot of slang,you know,play a bad-guy,and to make it even more weird,sometimes it’s the people that aren’t black directing these movies! S to the tereotypical.

I think everybody should be viewed as equal,once again,movie or not.A certain race should not be put into one category,and rarely more.The black presentation is mostly viewed as dangerous and criminal,this needs to be stopped.Black Panther stands out because it is one of few movies that represent power.Black Panther was the first African American superhero from marvel in 1996,We are making progress in this world,but still,who knows where it may go?