Neko Harmon Standpoint: Black Panther: representation and diversity

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


I have chosen the topic Black Panther: representation and diversity. This topic is about the importance of diversity in films and how to do representation correctly. This is important to me because representation of my race can alternate the way people look at me and my culture. I have thought about how people see me. If this is done wrong people would treat me and my race differently. Diversity is important to me because I feel included in things and other people of my culture can too. It may cause me to feel more important and more involved in things. Mainly people who are cast out by the world and looked at wrongly such as people with disabilities, and different sexualties are impacted/affected by this topic. People such as them are not shown as much as others, especially in films and are also not represented truly in films. Allowing them to talk about diversity can allow them to show their true feelings on not being included in other things. People such as lively_memory have stated,”Diversity also allows the minority groups, traditions and cultures to feel included and seen. It breaks certain stereotypes about some cultures.” Another person called attentive_physics has also stated,”I believe the right representation of all the races in this world depends upon the giving equal rights of representation to all the races of this world. We need to do some practical solutions towards imbalance of male vs female, white vs black, religion vs ethics etc.” I agree with both of these statements. Representation has a huge impact on the way people look at the different cultures in the world. The representation of these can change or add to the many stereotypes of that race or ethnic group. Representation in films can change the whole world’s view on different things. Representation can be done right by making films using people who have gone through whatever is happening in the film. For example, when African Americans are represented as thugs and criminals in movies many people are going to see them as that. Diversity is important because it can have a big impact on someone's feelings. In films diversity adds more creativity to it. This allows films to share the many ways people look at the world. For example, when people of different races are introduced many more opportunities and ideas are introduced and can be added into films.