Representation and diversity of culture

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Representation n of culture In diverse ways can help reduce the risk of disagreement between people of different culture, When others see the good and interesting side of others' culture it can change their mindsets on the way they view other cultures, and this will help people to respect other people traditions even if it's not theirs.

Diversity in culture opens room for cultural exchange, which helps people discuss on universal issues that affect the global stage. It also make people become open-minded to receive others' culture views. This will consequently increase the level of assertiveness and people will speak more freely about their culture.

Representation of culture will make people have authentic information of the history and how the culture was formed and where it originated from.

Representation of culture in a unique way would be very useful to both the community and people outside the community who are willing to learn and adopt the culture.