Should the world have more diversity?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


My standpoint is about Black Panther, representation and diversity. It’s important as the amount of diversity in films, tv shows, books and even things in the media are very scarce. There should be more diversity as many people feel like they are not represented by characters. It isn’t just actors that aren’t represented.

Women occupying the executive ranks in Hollywood are still in a minority. Victoria Alonso tells BBC Talking Movies’ Tom Brook that in film-making she consistently found she was either one of the very few or the only woman in the room. Victoria Alonzo, who is the executive vice president of production at Marvel Studios, said in 22nd November 2018, “It is better when you have balance, when you have a 50/50 it creates for a better room, for a better conversation and I think it sort of guides stories in a way that it doesn’t if there is only one of me.”

This week, Newsrounds reported on Lady Susan Hussey who had a close relationship with Queen Elizbeth II. She was trusted by the Royal Household for many years, yet she repeatedly asked Ngozi Fulani, a British charity boss “Where are you from?”. Ngozi kept saying she was British, yet Hussey thought she couldn’t be British as she was black. This shows that there is a lack of diversity in the media in the UK.

I feel strongly that there should be a mix of both men and women and different races to be included in films, tv shows , books and media. It is important that everyone is treated equally, whatever their identity as that is fair. People who have a lot of power such as Kevin Feige (the president of marvel) and Infantino (the president of FIFA) should speak a lot about diversity and representation and try to do something as people would listen to them as they have a lot of power.

Lots of people who aren’t famous can also help spread the message, even children as anybody can contribute to helping the world be more diverse. You could protest, make posters, wear a customised top about diversity, you could speak to your friends and people you know about it and there are many more ways. We all have a part to play.