The Importance of Representation and Diversity

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Representation and diversity matter in this society, even if you think it doesn't matter. Throughout this standpoint, I'll prove that both representation and diversity does make an important effect on humanity. First we all need to know that diversity is the state of being diverse and it is extremely important for us to be diverse, representation is another important state, representation is a state that allows minorities to feel validated and allows us to express their opinions comfortably.

Movies/film such as "Black Panther" can play an important role in diversity and representation, "Black Panther" is a type of movie: that let their actors/actress show the world what they are capable of doing not just because of their race, the movie also is known for their breakthrough and representation in the film industry. The film is a very successful film under Marvel studio but it is just not a movie and it is also expressed as a story, during the movie many good diversity have been broken down and movie like "Black Panther" are helping to make a better equality in the world and let people know that they don't be afraid to show the world what they can do just because of their race or gender.

As a result of the Black Panthers' success, diversity is growing fairly and equally. There are many other movies that is like Black Panther such as Parasite, Hidden Figures, and many others. We can see that diversity and good represention help to eliminate bias and stereotypes in order to make the society we live in better than it is better.