The Importance Of Representation

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Representation is very important because it shows more than one cliche background not just Caucasian or African-American. People of mixed race also need to be shown more frequently in the media such as Southern Asian, Thailand, Indigenous, Alaskan Natives, Han Chinese, East Asian, and Native Hawaiians... That's not even all the ethnicities there are. More different backgrounds need to be shown, not just in general but in a positive way, just because people are asking for it, don't just give it to the people with poor quality.

The only people who could be affected by representation being shown on screen are racists. Not everyone likes everyone or everything, but to also feel disgusted by someone's race, color, and or beliefs is honestly displeasing, but everyone has a preference. If the person is comfortable with seeing people of color on their streaming services, just block them from your tv. They'd even try to downplay the movie for what it really is. It could lead to bad ratings making it look worse than it is. My opinion on representation is that I think representation is very very important because I see people of color minding their bussines every day. But to see them on screen is so much different because it is Fiction so you can do what you want with your imagination, so it's up to you if you either want to show culture in a derogatory way or a respectful way.

In conclusion, representation is a very important thing. Not only to me but it's also important to many other people in the world.