There is no difference between white people

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At first, the films are very interesting, sometimes action, sometimes comedy, sometimes drama, and so on. Diversity is a beautiful thing. Thinking of just watching drama now we get bored. How do we know that the representation is correct?! For the viewer to be in tune with the film, to feel the fun. He is encouraged and enthusiastic about work.
__I think it's important to see diversity in movies because people are affected by what they see. So when they see diversity being represented, they will start to think about it more carefully.
Also, that's fine, because the world is evil. People need to see the reality of what happened throughout history through contrast. Everyone is different and we must respect that. But the truth is, not everyone treats others fairly. We all have biases that can affect us.

Movies can make sure they get representation by putting in place a diversity charter that tells you what you're going to do. People also need to make sure they know the diversity they are trying to represent. We need to address the things that we are blind to. For example: sweat. sex; age; Even the economy class.
__I feel diversity is important in films because it can help people who have been marginalized feel included in the community. It also shows the majority that people from minorities are just normal people. This can be achieved by representing these minorities in a variety of roles. For example, if only a particular race or religion is portrayed as criminals or terrorists, the general public will hold that idea in mind. But if they are given all kinds of roles, we will get used to them being part of society just like us .In my view, it is not just about race, but all minorities. Movies can get us used to the fact that people with disabilities for example can do the jobs we do and that women can succeed in any job and that they can also become heroes. These are all steps towards a more inclusive society

Diversity in films is important because it helps portray an accurate presentation of both society and underrepresented groups of society. Therefore, having diversity in the film industry is a better representation of the different members of society. It's not just movies that have to be diverse. Magazines and advertisements should also be diverse. We as a global community are diverse hence all our affairs should be diverse.

Diversity in movies is also important because it helps people be open minded and opens their minds to new ways of thinking. Movies affect people a lot, and good acting in movies can help people develop a good mindset towards others. In order to ensure diversity in films and in the media, certain things can also be done. They include:
1. People from different backgrounds (Asians, Africans, Europeans and Americans) should be hired to do ads. This will also help get more people to your ad.

2. Heroes in movies and even comic books should not be from only one place, as different people can be used.

Effects of lack of diversity in film and media.
1. People who are not present enough in movies and media feel bad and inferior.

2. Actors from other backgrounds who are not chosen to act in films lose out on opportunities and money.

3. Society will not have an open mindedness towards people from other walks of life because they are not represented in films and in the media.

4. People will have little or no inaccurate information about others, and as a result, people will become unaware of how diverse and beautiful our world is.

5. Since people are influenced a lot by the media, they imitate the attitude of not having variety in things from what they do in their daily life. For example, a person can learn the habit of not having diversity in movies and can take it to their workplace, home, school, or community.

__In my opinion, it is very important to see diversity in films. Diversity Film is a modern multicultural film that celebrates the diversity of culture, gender and lifestyle. People may know about other people's culture, race and rituals. This makes people more united by their own means. Indian films known as Bollywood are the best example showing diversity in their films. By showing diversity, the minority group never feels alienated. When we see something, our mind also writes down the good values ​​and at the right time we implement them. Diversity plays an important role in our lives as it makes us united and we can connect with each other through their culture, traditions and many more.

Our world has always been a heterogeneous mix of people of different races, religions, regions and genders coming together. It is this diversity that makes our world unique and valuable. Which also means that each individual community deserves to be represented in films and media. Thanks to Marvel initiatives like Black Panther, Miss Marvel, Shang Chi, etc., these groups are well represented in the world.

Young people, especially, idolize their favorite actors and characters from the books, movies, and shows they read or watch. Having personalities from different regions around the world opens our minds and makes us welcome to their cultures and the values ​​that they bring with them.It is very important to bring such communities to the global screen because what we see is what we practice. We have been greatly affected by the characters we see in movies especially in this digital age, which makes it very necessary to provide adequate representation of all socio-economic groups. Just like a seat that never distinguishes between physical appearance, economic status, social background, or anything like that when anyone sits on it, we should actually learn from that seat because that will make us inclusive and will ultimately make the world a better place for everyone to live in.

A film with diversity and representation can feature and celebrate people from different races, cultural backgrounds, sexualities, genders, religions, and more. In Black Panther, for the first time in Marvel history, we see a person of color as the protagonist and main protagonist of the film. As a person of color, I feel that diversity is very important in the media because POC is still subject to stereotypes and stigmatization for things that don't make sense. While some stereotypes aren't particularly "harmful," they still make the progress we've made go to waste. Although non-POC people think POC has significant representation, we don't. If you look at the most popular movies, they all have mostly, if not all, white casts and crews.
Sometimes،People think representation is just about including a color character which it isn't. Good acting depends on how the character is portrayed. Good acting does not make a black character a criminal or a thug, a good actor is making a movie that stars a black person as the protagonist and focuses on him as a character rather than the color of his skin. Black Panther was one movie that managed to do just that amazingly. Black Panther focused on the culture of the characters and not how they have some sort of internalized racism of themselves. This is unlike many movies where most of them tend to follow the same narrative. Someone hates the color of their skin and the movie follows them on their journey. While it's a good idea, it's usually poorly executed like most producers, directors, and White. In Black Panther, the African culture comes out amazingly and most of the cast and crew help out on POC. This helps reduce stigma around black people