Why diversity is important

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

To begin with, It has been clear that Diversity has been gradually improving over the last couple years yet it is still a very slow process. The big question is why do we need diversity? Diversity is important so that we don’t cause any unwanted stereotypes. Stereotypes can lead to people saying that someone else can’t do something because of their ethnicity or disability all because of some inaccuracy in a movie or show. For instance the team behind many Marvel movies are generally white men, which is not diverse.

Although it is hard for cultures and religions to understand each other, is it important that diversity is included so that everyone can understand, learn from each other and feel respected. Many stereotypes such as white people being the heros and black people represented as villains have been created due to the lack of diversity which could be significantly improved. Simply diversity can be shown in multiple easy ways: casting people of all different shapes, sizes, colour and ability, having a fair amount of males and females and casting the people who match with their character. If you are producing a movie about a disabled person it's best to cast someone who is actually disabled so that the movie comes out more realistic because the actions, emotions and daily life activities would be more accurate.

If we use more diversity it can cause society to be more accepting of every type of person. Stereotypes can be quite awful to the person it’s affecting and it can also be very toxic as the people being affected might let the stereotypes define them and prevent them from doing something they love which is why we should encourage it more. Once a stereotype has become popular to the public it is extremely hard to break because once the stereotype has been established it then becomes a part of your subconscious mind.

Some people are against diversity because they feel it dilutes their culture, religion or race and makes them feel less valued. In conclusion I think that in the long run, the pros of increasing diversity outweigh the cons. This is why we should use diversity more so we represent everyone correctly and so that society gets to understand everyone's culture, religion or race more than they already do.