Why does diversity matter

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Why Does Diversity Matters??

I remember going to Toys R Us when I was younger looking for a Princess Tiana Lego set. But as I look down the aisle I saw every other princess Lego set besides Tiana. This made me sad and confused seeing all the other princess lego sets but none of Tiana's. After that moment I thought about how I rarely see people of color in movies, Tv news anchors, Mangers for jobs, and more.

Diversity brings the feeling of acceptance, the feeling of courage, and unity knowing that someone who looks like you can accomplish huge and amazing things. Diversity opens doors letting citizens know that they can do the same thing but even better. These feelings are so important because people of color often feel that the only way to become successful is to play sports or become a doctor. But all changed in 2019 a Marvel movie called Black Panther opened doors for all people of color being the first Marvel movie to include a colored superhero. This movie showed black excellence, colored empowerment, and best of all DIVERSITY. Now in 2022, we have seen much more diversity in so many things. From Encanto, The Little Mermaid, Wakanda Forever, Woman King, Shanghai, and much more.

All of these reasons, feelings, and examples all back up the whole reason why diversity is super important and why we should see diversity in everything!