Why isn’t diversity and representation key in all films?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


We all enjoy watching films, however, we are noticing the same actors in the movies we watch. Why is that? Well producers are not showing very much diversity when casting actors for their films, which means people do not feel represented or appreciated. This has made people speak out and talk about this issue.

When a film called Black Panther was released on November 11th 2022, people who watched it named it ‘groundbreaking ‘and ‘inspiring’, this is because there were finally people who hadn’t been noticed being represented in the film industry.

Black Panther, which shows a lot of diversity, is heartwarming to others. It has been described as ‘Marvel’s most poignant and powerful film.’ This statement shows that when producers put people with different races, cultures and ethnicities it will make their films even more brilliant. Another director has made it clear by her statement, which was, ‘You don’t see everyone represented on the screen’ and that means that there can still be many things done to improve diversity in films.

This is not the only film that shows diversity, as there are so many movies that want people to feel represented and make them feel that equality is everyone’s responsibility. A film that has made people feel touched is a film called ‘The Little Mermaid’. Traditionally, the Disney princess, called Ariel, is a white character, but in the most recent remake of the film, she will be a black mermaid! Unfortunately, many people disagreed with the race of the character, but thankfully the majority of people who had watched it were flattered and had no problem with the different skin colour of the majestic mermaid.

In conclusion, I think that producers should make sure that they including people that are not only different races but that there is a mixture of young people, male or female, old people and they should include people with disabilities. This is definitely a problem solving solution, however, you can’t always see people with disibilaties so a noticeable disability would be an outstanding way of diversity and representation. We know it can be done; how will you show diversity and try to represent other people?