Climate impact on the world

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


I believe that climate change is a crisis of our time and constitutes a major threat to global food security and efforts to eradicate poverty. Climate change makes it difficult to increase agricultural production. My point of view is that we must do everything we can to solve this problem before it gets worse. Politicians and officials should make environmentally friendly investments and imposeFinancial fines for low-efficiency companies and factories, and using this money to finance scientific projects and climate change research. And work to increase agricultural production And let's not forget our role as individuals in this society to change the narrative. As individuals, we must reduce carbon pollution, reduce emissions, control energy use using renewable energy, and not waste food. The associated climatic eventsWith climate change so severe it leads to large and widespread environmental changes, in my view we can solve this problem or at least mitigate its effects. Climate-smart agricultural practices help farmers increase farm productivity and their resilience to climate change such as drought. At the same time they become reservoirs of carbon uptake that help reduce emissions. Forests are also useful reservoirs of carbon uptake and storage in soil, trees and leaves.What is your role as an individual and what do you do to solve this problem? Do you have other opinions and solutions on this subject?