CO27 and Climate Change

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

First of all, climate change is the long-term shifts in the temperatures and weather patterns. If climate change continues, it will be absolutely disastrous for the Earth, humanity and basically every single thing living on the planet. Numerous things could happen if the temperature rises further: the polar-ice will melt, which will cause the sea to rise a further 70 m. This will not only cover coastal lowline cities like Guyana, Maldives, Belize, and Suriname, it will cover everything leaving only the mountains! In addition, it will make it too hot for anything to survive. I would like people to know that nobody is too small to make a difference- even the tiniest action leads to a major difference. Why and how did we get to this point I hear you say? Burning fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas; but these are only a few reasons. We still have time to stop climate change for the greater good. With measures such as solar, insulation, wind turbines, recycling and advancing modern technologies. COP 27 ( Conference of the Parties) plays a massive role; world leaders meet up to discuss the current crisis each year. Although they have made some progress, climate protesters around the world say it is too little and may be too late if we don't take even further action. Finally, It is vital to talk about this subject as our lives and everything there is on Earth depends on it.