Danger facing the world!!

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Since time immemorial, the Earth's climate has changed, but in the recent period, climate change has begun to accelerate frighteningly, and the planet's temperature has begun to rise in an unprecedented way, and if the Corona virus is the cause of the world's problems, climate change can cause much more problems.
If you read, you know that some studies say that climate change has a role in the return and spread of the Corona virus.

I mean, the Corona virus with its problems is only part of the problem of climate change, so what are the causes of climate change? What could happen? Can this problem be solved?
How much less than the earth's temperature has increased dramatically in the recent period, and after research it was discovered that the reason is due to the high concentration of a group of gases in the atmosphere called greenhouse gases, the most important of which are: water vapor, carbon dioxide gas, nissan gas, and nitrous oxide gas, and these cause The so-called global warming،The sun's rays fall on the surface of the earth, some of them are reflected and the rest are absorbed by the earth, then they are returned as rays in the form of heat, and most of that heat is checked from greenhouse gases, and re-radiated again, so the heat remains trapped inside the planet, and this is a natural and good thing, but its increase is very dangerous !!
In the end, do you think that there are reasons for the increase in the percentage of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere? And who do you think is the reason?