Is COP 27 sustainable

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I think COP events are not sustainable because they waste millions of pounds renting out a place for a couple hours when that money could to helping the planet for example they could plant trees and for the meetings so they don't waste millions of pounds they could just do it online. COP has been in place for over thirty years now and it's still not sustainable there is way to much talking and not benough agreeing. The COP learders are polluting the Earth causing carbohndioxide which is made up of a lot of gases causing heat to come into the Earth but not come which creates global warming. Then there's way too many men attending these meetings and not enough women or young people making the events not inclusive. If you ask me i think these events are not sustainable! World learders are affecting themselves, their countries, the people in their countries and the world. Covid-19 also makes it harder for the world learders to make decisions for example the global food crisis ( raising the prices for food above the roof ) world leaders also make and break their promises so when they do they should face consequences. Instead of them travelling and causing even more problems such as extreme weather or tempretures the COP event holders could travel by boat, electric car or online ( if possible ) . I have learnt all of this information over the past couple weeks in my global learning lessons and COP need to stop polluting Earth's atmosphere.