Is COP 27 sustainable?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Over the last couple of of weeks in our global learning sessions I have been learning and reasearching about COP 27. There have been many sucsesses achived during COP events like 180 contries aggreeing to lower their fuel intake. However, like many young actavists , I have many conserns and worries that surround the way people travel to these events. They travel all around the world to try and solve climate change but actually make it worse. Also, they take sponsers from one of the world's biggest polluters!COP also doesn't hear voices of yonger people , women and poorer contries.Also , the cost of hiring somewhere big enough is way too much! If they just went in a park , the money could be put towards stoping climate change.COP 28 has to be more sustainable than COP 27!Nevertheless,I hope that world leaders and organisers of future COP's will listen and make COP 28 sustainable.