Is COP27 sustainable?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


COP events have been in place for 30 years. And their purpose is to help and suggest on how to help climate change but I feel they are failing. As climate change has only gotten worse.These are several young activists thoughts on how COP events can be more sustainable. Our world leaders take money from the worlds biggest poluters! They are supposed to be stopping climate change not increasing.There is no planET B! Also not everyones perspectives are heard only our world leaders and they aren't doing very well. Why can't our perspectives be heard? Last but not least ,world leaders aren't keeping their promises! If you are a prime minister or president etc,then this is not how you should run a country! We only have one planet and we need to take care of it. It's like a set of teeth we only have one set so we need to take care of it. The reason I feel this way because as a young person climate crisis is very dangerous it will impact my life and a bunch of other childrens lives as well! If we all want to live a healthy life then we all need to pitch in. There are some these that we can just sweep under the rug but not this! We need to protect our planet because it's the only one that is safe for us in the universe. It's like goldilocks this is the perfect planet for us and I've said this a bunch of times and I don't want this to be repetative but we have to take care of planet earth! The reason I am saying this so many times is because I can not emphasize this enough and I do hope you agree. Imagine what our planet will be in about 10 years! It's already concerning right now about how we can save our planet and sure their are a lot of amazing climate change activists like Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough but it's is not enough,and I love what their doing but we just need more people need to be like them! If anyone is looking at this then I beg you to spread this message around. I find that we take our world for granted and then we won't realise how important Earth is. COP 27 isn't helping climate change in fact it's making it worse and if we are making an entire assembly I suppose then we actually need to advertise it! Wouldn't you agree? It seems simple about what we should do and not do but some people are struggling. How is COP 27 sustainable when they literally travel in private jets and planes and they are polluting the world! And I will say it again and again this is not good it's actually terrible! Polar bears are close to becoming extinct and they are losing their homes! Imagine if your home or house had crashed you would have nowhere to live this is the only safe part we have to live for example we can't live in the north pole we would freeze. Or worse... I was extremely passionate when I was writing this and I think thats how people all over the world will realise at least I hope so :) Please listen I can not ask you enough times!!! Nevertheless,I hope that this stood out to you because I tried extremely hard when writing this and thank you for reading...:)