Is COP27 sustainable?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Earlier in the festival, I asked this question,” Can we as children make a stand and help stop climate change, even though we have limited resources and, sometimes, limited opportunity?”. I now want to take this topic further, not just talking about the power of youth, but questioning our actions upon the climate crisis. Are the leaders of the world taking enough action to stop this apocalyptic future? Can us, as commoners, give our all to stop climate change? If so, what can we do together to delay the climate crisis for longer?

I think the government and their leaders aren’t doing enough to stop climate change. The UK has been talking about being carbon neutral for long, but barely made any progress! The community should take quicker action against Global Warming and get their hand dirty by rewilding, not developing, but are we doing that? NO! I say the people at COP27 are important, as they are discussing the threat against survival of the known world, but nobody is doing enough to stop the danger! Every day, animal species are becoming extinct, and nobody is recognizing the hazardous situations from around the world!

Many around the world are demanding more action against this global crisis, with over 40% of people in the Philippines are extremely concerned about climate change and the dire consequences it brings to their country.

The youth, the young, who were always stereotyped as weak or unknowledgeable, are now fighting against developing countries’ wildlands to stop climate change, with movements in south-west Bangladesh.”Young people are increasingly at the forefront of climate change activism. Around 70% of people aged 16-25 are extremely worried or very worried about the climate.” This is quoted from a published extract from the Lanclet, which answers my earlier question about the power of youth. However, youths are struggling to continue these revolutionary marches, needing money and permission. They turn to the adults and elders, towards people with power, but are turned down because of their age and dwindling influence.

In conclusion, yes, youths do have power to change the country, to change the world, but we need power and influence, money and support. But we can’t do such things because the top governments aren’t helping us or supporting our cause. They waste time chatting about solutions but never act.So as such,no, COP27 is not sustainable for our world!