sustainability of COP events

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Over the past couple of weeks in our global learning sessions I have been learning about COP27 and reaerching that climate is a mixture of gas.COP events are in place 30 years.Their purpose is to help how to fix climate change and try to make it stop.However like many young activists all over the world,I have many concerns and worries that surround the way these events are affecting the young/old people.climate change is a mixture oft burning fosils and coal.Firstly i am worried most about is global warming and deforestaition.I think COP events are not sustainable because it is wasting millions of pounds.Nevertheless, I hope that the world leaders and organisers of future COPS will let everyone have a save.Firstly, I am worried about climate change.World leaders break promises,A solution is for the world leadersd to keep promises or face consequences.The reason i feel this way is because as a young person climate crisis is very close to my area.I worked very hard to write this and i thank you very much for reading this.