The food crisis??

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

The food crisis looks really bad and I think we should give more food to the people in the world who need some food to help them with their lives so that nobody dies of hunger or starves for the rest of their life until they get some food. I feel bad for people who need food because some people out there deal with people like that and people who need some help get disappointed in themselves because they feel like they haven't done enough when they really did. This has to stop and people have to be nicer to people. People in the world suffer because they don't have any food while others do and they don't do anything about it. Our world needs to allow people to eat so that no one dies.
Not only the right to food must be observed, but there are many other rights that must be observed, such as:The right to live in a safe house and help and help build homes for them should be provided, and the right to education should be provided to educational committees and schools to educate poor children who are unable to pay for education and the right. To treatment, so the state must establish hospitals and clinics, and they must be free