Creativity in fashion design

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Since fashion has become controversial these days and people have become very interested in it, fashion designers have become more and more designing international and exotic outfits that attract people to it by showing them to fashionistas and displaying them in advertisements and shops, and so people turned to them and to buy them, which resulted in that :

1. Increasing the income of designers and motivating them to be creative, innovative and innovative in fashion design

2. May increase the profit in selling these

Fashion in the markets, in international brands such as Shein, as it began to produce international fashion and affiliated with modern fashion, so it began to attract people to buy it, and celebrities began to market its fashion, which increased its profits.

▶️ Therefore, I see that the topic is wonderful and interesting, especially because I love fashion and I love innovation and diversity. The downside of this topic:

The merchants are negotiating about the international fashion and the popular fashion of the present era, which increases the problems between the people, especially the merchants.

It makes people obsessed a lot in fashion and follow fashion, no matter what flaws and shortcomings it has.

People will mix with other cultures and will follow them and forget their culture. For example, in our time, the world has become influenced by the fashion of other countries and continents.

4. Cases of poverty among people, as there are people who aspire to buy new fashion clothes, but the financial situation does not allow them to do so.

◀️ Solutions to these problems:

For clothing factories to make large quantities of clothes and copy many copies of fashion to eliminate differences, or to set limited quantities for each clothing merchant to adhere to.

That each country works to establish its own fashion designer committee to exchange ideas and creativity in it, and each country will have its own ethnicity, and here people will be attracted to the national fashion costumes.

Reducing the price of these outfits, because they may be very expensive, and some people cannot buy them because of the average or poor financial condition, or collect donations from people with good financial status for those suffering from poverty, and buy them some of these outfits.

* in your opinion? *

Do you think that fashion is influenced by the human factors around it, just as it affects others? explained that?