Fast Fashion

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Fast Fashion is the most emergent issue. The immense production of cheap clothes create many problems.

We have seen that mostly people follow the latest trends and fashion. It is required much money to follow them but people take it so seriously that they have to follow the trends no matter their pocket affords them or not. And then people who afford buy them, look at them, those who can't are looking for cheap clothes.

Despite the accessibility to evloving trends, fast fashion comes an enormous environmental price.

I personally think this is an issue that we need to control first then the government.

I didn't even understand what people will do with their bundles of clothes? It is as difficult as we make it. The thing we should learn is that: "If we are given a thing in low price or even free, we shouldn't buy it because we doesn't need it."

It can be argued that responsibility to these problems lies in the hands of the brands and of the consumers.

But we should perform our duty regarding this.


If a person has many clothes he/she can give his/her old clothes to others. He/She will also have new clothes coming in and because he/she will be giving away his/her old clothes to others he/she will not run out of clothes.

Government's role:

Creating a sustainable and ethical future for fashion industry is an important but complex challange for government, industry and the public.

We must seize the moment by pushing the government to be a global leader, helping to build a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry.