How can I help

You should be wary of fast have to start with yourself..there are some steps you can follow

Step 1: stop following influencers that promote the use of fast fashion, or any other wasteful marketing that companies use to damage people and the planet. This helps you to stop impulse buying and sends a huge message to these companies

Step 2: delete apps if you need serious help in detoxing from it

Step 3: stop buying fast fashion; instead use what you already have, swap clothes with friends, buy resale and if you need something new, buy it from sustainable companies even if it costs more. The cost is justified since you're not spending $$$ on constant clothing purchases like you did before, they will last longer and they aren't hurting the planet/people

Step 4: if you have the income to support companies on a regular basis that aren't fast fashion, buy from them. This action will eventually lead to lower cost for others, spreading the movement away from fast fashion (ditto for all items. We buy biological house/ clothes cleaning stuff to make it mainstream and reduce costs for all) .

Step 5: spread the word because fast fashion needs to end Edit: idc what the man at the end states or thinks, we absolutely can stop buying. The rich and elite may scream about the economy, but it will force them to come up with other options... and they will.