How can we benefit from excess clothing?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Everyone knows that fast fashion is bad for society and it needs much money every time, so There are many of creative ways you can reuse your old clothes like ,you can buy a sweater ,trouser and shoes and look after it and use it in many ways with others pervious clothes . Also , you have to fous on quality than quantity to keep it more. we can watch some video which influences make it to show ways to recycle the clothes in fresh shape and turn old one to new..»
Celebrities influence people, through several ways, as they can appear in clothes more than once, or exchange clothes with the poor, and make videos and films in which they represent reality, or turn them into other pieces, and they can take advantage of natural materials, to show people that they should Choose the best, not the most beautiful..»
Most people around the world are obsessed with acquiring the latest, trendy outfits and therefore in such a short amount of time , the products are out of stock. However, even if these people are wearing jaw-dropping, expensive outfits, the negatives certainly outweigh the positives due to the following outcomes :

. There will be a drastic rise in Co2 emissions
. More people will be pressurised to purchase these clothes
. A hierarchy will be formed where the rich are clad in expensive, ostentatious garments whilst the poor will be marginalised. Therefore, they will yearn to have these specific attires thus spending "precious" money on pointless necessities.

If we want to stop not only Co2 emissions but also reputation standards, then we could host annual events such as :
. Charity events where you can donate second hand clothes to charity
. Simply avoid any temptations such as reduced clothing
. Try to repeat what you wear and mix and match. Sometimes, even more modest styles give a better impression than constantly changing flashy outfits every day..»
Clothes became a commodity that was used many times and then was thrown into used clothing containers.
In terms of celebrities, they can set a good role model for others to follow. As we all know how easy it is for celebrities to influence others in a better way. They can encourage people to recycle clothes. They can also provide direct support to the needy and make donations to the poor and needy.
I think big brands and (popular) stores are working on going to the place where people throw away, recycle, and save on clothes they used to buy.

Some well-known stores also dedicate a part of the clothing to support the needs of the poor or who are unable to purchase by providing them with clothing, and in the community we can try to do something like exchanging clothes with friends and family. These are interesting things as each person can bring all the old clothes they don't need and exchange them with others in need. This can increase the spirit of cooperation, happiness and excitement between individuals and communities..»
introducing people to the recycling process is the first and most important step in this process, by publishing
Videos and information that inform people about the importance of collecting old clothes and donating or disposing of them in ways that allow them to be recycled, and fortunately, the Internet has made this task easier by providing many videos and programs that tell us in detail about the process of recycling..»
To be honest we all know how easy it is to get influenced and who influences better than celebrities, literally all celebrities have to do is just say a few word and boom! everyone follows. They can organize clothes donations and people will show up. I feel big brands can organize things like a return and get where people return clothes they have used and get a small money token even if it's just about $5 or so and they can recycle the clothes and get a little more money. In the community we could try to do something like and clothe exchange people could gather together and exchange clothes with each other like a top for a jacket or a dress for some trousers that way they spend less and have a larger variety of clothes..»
I agree that people do reuse and recycle their clothes because no body can have 365 clothes for 365 days in their wardrobe. Celebrities do reuse and recycle their clothes .For example : An indian actress Alia Bhatt told in an interview that she often reuse her clothes . celebrities can encourage people to reuse by using the reuse method for themselves as in present time people usually follow fashion sense big celebrities . The big brands which reuse and recycle the clothes are H&M , Levis , Marks and spencer and many more. There should be no shame in reusing the clothes , if we won't reuse it this will lead to global warming and thus damage to our nature

My question to you is how many pieces of clothes are enough for you? And if you have extra clothes, what will you do with them?