Problems caused by fast fashion and who is responsible for these problems.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


According to invsetopedia,”fast fashion is low-priced but stylish clothing they moves quickly from design to meet trends,with new collections being introduced continuously.” In my opinion I think fast fashion is the production of cheap,poor quality,disposable clothings in large numbers for example Zara,H&M and many others .Just like in my country Uganda,fast fashion is on rampant and this is has not discriminated the age of people where the young,the youth,adults have all worn these fashions.All these clothes worn move quickly to stores in-order to meet the trends and demands of people.Allow me talk about the problems caused by fast fashion;

first and foremost,fast fashion has led to poorly paid employees whereby these industries tend to exploit local communities by producing cheap clothes. They usually employ a big number of people to produce a big sum of clothes so that they can supply many in these shops but they pay small amounts of money,they even don’t pay living allowances to their workers which demotivates people in the country.

there is a problem of dangerous working environments where some people tend to faint in such working conditions.these industries are always congested with clothes all over the place,people work day and night since the boss does not want to lag behind,no meals provided to them but instead eat once when they go back at home after their shift is done.workers are even exposed to harmful chemicals in these textile industries.

there is pollution in the environment since there is much production day and night.this has further caused environmental degradation to the soil since many unsold clothes are burned and this reduces on its fertility, many toxic dyes are poured in the lakes,wetlands,destruction from hazardous chemicals and textile wastes.

the workforce of the country is decreased since many develop sickness,lose some body parts like fingers through cuts at the work place thus reducing on the would be taxes collected by the country.

And who is responsible for all this? I think we the consumers are responsible for this because some of us can not afford good ethical clothes so we can not avoid to buy them.