The conditions of workers

Despite the obvious injustices and environmental harms of clothing production, some argue that the fashion industry provides work for people who have few better options in developing countries.
This argument is convincing from afar, but even if it is true to some extent when we look at the history of economic development, it ignores the humanity of today's garment workers. These people continue to work long hours in harsh conditions, generating huge profits for the factory and retail owners. To make the excuse that their lives could be worse without this exploitation is merely a cynical justification of greed.
Fast fashion brands focus almost entirely on financial gain and ignore social responsibility and human rights of workers. They turn a blind eye to polluted rivers, the impact on farmland, and poor working conditions. As a consumer of fast fashion brands, this is concerning. As someone who thinks of fashion as part of history and a form of art and self- expression, this is very sad. A bad stitching job is a nuisance to me, but the unethical practices are the real problem. If there's one thing we can change, it's our behavior as consumers: we need to buy used clothes, look out for companies that make clothes here in the US, and be willing to pay more for quality clothes that last.